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The Hotel are lucky to be graced with the brilliance of head chef David. David's career began as an apprentice at the Wairaki resort, before taking him to train under the tutelage of well-known chefs such as Shane Yardley and Reuben Lynn. After a brief stint overseas, David came back to work here in Waihi Beach. His skills were put to the test when asked to redesign all the Hotel's menus, but he took the challenge and ran with it, exceeding all expectations. He's also a great leader and a level head in the kitchen, a necessity during high-pressure situations like those found in a fine-dining restaurant.

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JASPER - Apprentice Chef

Jasper started shortly after Dave as an apprentice. He follows the Chefs closely and is very talented with his cooking techniques. Jasper plans to stay around Beach for a few years learning, improving and creating with Dave and the Hotel team. He’s a very hard worker and thrives in the busy periods. He’s arguably the best apprentice we have had and we are so lucky to have him.


MARIE - breakfast CHEF

Marie is an absolute delight to the kitchen team. She’s in at the crack of dawn everyday without fail to produce the BEST pies, snacks and sweet treats for our cabinet and pub side along with arranging breakfast for the Bistro. Marie has been part of the team for over a year.

B R A D L E Y - A S S I S T A N T C H E F

Brad is our part time assistant chef. He always has a cheeky smile and is very friendly. Brad loves being part of a team and we are very lucky to have him as part of the WBH crew.



Claire is a brilliant chef who has been shadowing Dave to learn the tricks-of-the-trade. What was a part time job around school hours quickly turned into a full time job for Claire. She’s got an awesome wit and keeps the kitchen team on their toes.



Aaron has been working at the Hotel for over a year as a kitchen hand. He’s always there when you need him and keeps everything out the back under control.

N A D I A - K I T C H E N H A N D / B O U N C E R

Nadia has been working as a bouncer on Pub side for just over a year and has recently started as a kitchen hand in the mornings. She is incredible. Her work ethic is through the roof and she’s always efficient.