Waihi Beach Hotel

Established in 1967, the iconic Waihi Beach Hotel has stood the test of time...


We're everything you could ever want, really, neatly wrapped up in one. Have a delicious meal at the Bistro, followed by a night of partying at the Pub. Walk home to your cosy room, just a stones throw away and work off the hang-over the morning after with some yoga!

Perhaps a big night isn't your thing? Bring the family down for a tasty brunch and let the kids entertain themselves with our onsite 

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One of the only fine-dining restaurants in Waihi Beach, The Bistro is the pl

An ambiance of

In the mornings it transforms into a vibrant coffee-stop, a favourite joint for many of the locals.


With five studios and one family room, the Waihi Beach Hotel has all you need for that perfect get-away. Boutique in design, the private spaces allow for comfort and relaxation. It's all in the name really - we wouldn't be the Waihi Beach Hotel without providing high-quality accommodation!


Catering for a more relaxed crowd, The Pub is the original Waihi Beach Hotel that has stood the test of time since 1967. This iconic place is


It's a bit of a local secret that the best bottle-o in town is conveniently placed next to the best place to drink! Located around the side of the pub, the wholesale sports a huge range of alcoholic beers, wines, ciders and spirits. We're sure there will be something to suit your tastes, but if not, ask for it!


The Waihi Beach Hotel is famous for its functions. With the ability to cater for up to 300 people, we've seen everything from 21st's, weddings, corporate events and even a __


The Waihi Beach Hotel is home to the Waihi Beach Yoga Collective, a group of locals who practice the art of yoga out of our function room. With classes from Vinyasa Flow to Gentle Hatha, patrons will find something to suit their comfort levels.