Ticketed concert $10

The Lizard Kings Doors Experience  celebrates the music music and poetry of Jim Morrison and the Doors.

A fully produced live stage experience featuring some of the nation's best musicians led by Marcus Roebuck ( vocals and poetry) and including Liam Ryan ( The Narcs - keyboards), Glyn Olsen ( guitar), Sahn Bishop ( bass) and Bruce McGregor (drums) along with the spectacular visuals of VJ Klassz and sound design by Rob Sissons.

This show has toured concert theatres and headlined festivals throughout New Zealand to acclaim - the sound design and visual elements as well as the extended versions of songs like Peace Frog, Love Me Two Times, Strange Days, Riders On The Storm and When The Music's Over make this a whole experience which will blow your mind if you are a fan of 60s psychedelia.The Doors music is as relevant as it ever was.Not to be missed!