Ticket concert $20

Longtime John Butler Trio drummer (2003-2009) Michael Barker in 2010 formed two-man Blues/Roots juggernaut Swamp Thing, recording two albums ‘ Balladeer ‘ and ‘ Primordium ‘  (with their third for release in 2016) with fellow Kiwi Grant Haua.

Swamp Thing’s energetic live performances are re-known for inspiring concertgoers to dance and have fun while showcasing a wealth of musical experience and engaging their audience at all times.

Swamp Thing play every show like it is their last, making a sound that reaches far back into the musical DNA of roots music.

The ability of these two men to entertain and captivate an audience is a testament to the dedication and passion Barker and Haua have for their music.

Haua's unique vocal sound is deep and gravelly in timbre and has earned high praise from his contemporaries, his guitar style on both electric and acoustic exudes passion for the blues.

Barker's multitasking instrumental skills lay a solid foundation and full sound that drives Swamp Thing through soundscapes from brooding tension to high energy dance inspiring grooves. Augmenting standard band gear with a Manza (balafon) hand drums, timpani, vibraphone and KeeBass.