We regret to inform patrons that our courtesy van booking system has been removed, as we’ve discovered issues that are unresolvable at this time.

If you wish to book the courtesy van, please text the following details to +64 27 642 9554.

Requested time:
How many people:

We ask that you text us instead of calling, as it becomes easier to obtain exact addresses and speeds up the process so you can get to the pub quicker!


  1. As the courtesy van is a free service, we cannot guarantee that the requested time will be met with 100% accuracy. The pub gets very busy during peak times, and so there may be times when we’re late to pick you up. We will do our best to get there on time, however!

  2. The courtesy van services the areas Waihi Beach, Athenree and Bowentown (not Waihi).

  3. The courtesy van can only fit six people - no more. If you have a large crew, speak to your driver when he or she arrives to arrange a second van pickup.

  4. Speak to a staff member at the pub to arrange a ride home - please don’t request it through text.

  5. The courtesy van only operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 12PM to 10PM. Any requests outside of these times will not be able to be met.