Our Bistro is many things

Around Midday...

...Is when the Bistro morphs into a wonderfully classy lunch locale. After the upbeat and energetic start to the day, you'll find the Bistro takes a bit of a breather -- be greeted by a more relaxed vibe and gentle jazz music drifting through the restaurant. Our waitstaff meander through the tables offering chit-chat and sparkling water to all dining patrons. Outside, the large canopy has been designed to capture the noon sun, allowing pockets of sunlight to strike certain tables. The perfect spot to savour a cheeky glass of wine with friends over a light meal.

During Evenings...

...Our Bistro comes alive, and culminates into a mix of panache, class and flair. Our staff are at your beck and call, and aim to make sure you have the best dining experience possible. On the evening menu you'll find sharing platters for both light eaters, as well as those after a more hearty option — all prepared by our skilled chefs. Sip on your desired drink of choice, with a large selection of options available. Lounge about on our plump cushions, and bask in the feeling of indulgence and comfort. If you'd prefer, grab a blanket and ask to take a table outside - warm, coloured lamps and gorgeous canopy lights offer an ethereal vibe for guests who fancy a quieter dining experience.


View our menus below, as well as some specials we have run in the past!


Monday - wednesday: 7am - 3pm



Sunday : 7am - 3PM